About Me

After working in the web industry for 12 years I decided to open MyHostingFacts.com to share my knowledge and experience with technical SEO and WordPress Optimization. Using plugins or code it doesn’t matter, the process for this to be done requires a lot of effort, testing, and knowing the right plugins. I’m optimizing custom websites too, giving technical recommendations, having brainstorm with web development people, and people who love this industry.

“Me, myself on a mission to keep web hosting providers on the alert so they can’t stick for a long time with the same price and plans but update their services”

“I update my reviews and comparisons weekly”

Presenting Real Data Facts for WordPress

From my side, you can expect real data facts from tests on the most important metrics:


Giving You Clear Picture About WP Optimization

I’m presenting to all of you my honest hosting reviews, WP plugins reviews, and more technical things related to WordPress that could help SEOs and Developers easily to make fixes.

I have the privilege to test and measure while working for clients and myself, but I have even more time for consulting and helping to solve the issues. I’m not sponsored by any of the hosting providers. I do have affiliate links that help me to maintain the website but that doesn’t affect any uniqueness of the content or misleading any infringements.

Contact Me

Contact me directly at myhostingfacts[at]gmail[dot].com.


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