How to make WordPress fast by configuring Asset CleanUP Pro?

Asset CleanUP Pro is a WordPress caching plugin. Besides minifying, combining, and deferring CSS & JavaScript, unloading completely parts of unused CSS & JavaScript is a unique feature from Asset CleanUP Pro which brings to WordPress speed optimization. With Asset CleanUP Pro you can optimize globally (the whole website) or overwrite per page level.

As well you can use WP Rocket for page speed optimization because it’s a very important factor for SEO with the latest upcoming Google algorithm update for Core Web Vitals.

The most powerful feature of this WordPress plugin Asset CleanUP Pro is uploading CSS and JavaScript or any other parts of them.

asset cleanup logo strip fat and make WordPress fast

Asset CleanUP Pro features:

  • Unload unused CSS and JavaScript files
  • Minify, combine + defer or inline CSS
  • Inline CSS for files smaller than some KB value
  • Minify, combine + defer or inline JavaScript
  • Inline JavaScript for files smaller than some KB value
  • Easy CDN configuration
  • HTML cleanup
  • Preload local fonts
  • Combine Google Fonts and load async and pre-connect

Because unloading CSS or JavaScript files can break your site. Asset CleanUP Pro has a great feature called “test mode” which shows you the changes only when you are logged as an administrator. I recommend enabling test mode so you can learn about the theme you are using, what is required to load, and what’s not.

Asset CleanUp Pro Enable test mode

These are the plugin usage preferences that I’m using:

asset cleanup logo strip fat and make WordPress fast

Asset CleanUP Pro plugin usage properties

I’m not using any CDN because I’ve had big problems with the Cloudflare free plan and if your website has enabled http/2 protocol server push cache, it can be configured only with a $200 package or up. The CDN is disabled for me, but if you have CDN you need to enter CDN’s CNAME/URL for the CSS and JS so Asset CleanUP Pro can cache them as static resources.

asset cleanup logo strip fat and make WordPress fast

Asset CleanUP Pro CDN configuration Myhostingfacts

These are Myhostingfacts Site-wide common site unloads:

I disabled jQuery Migrate site-wide because I’m using Avada theme and they are constantly having updates, so I need to be sure that every change will work.

Asset CleanUP Pro Site-wide common unloads

HTML Source CleanUp:

Asset CleanUP Pro HTML Source CLeanUp

Avada is using icomoon.woff file to draw social media icons. This file is loading fast but and for some reason, Google Page Insights is saying that needs up to 1.5sec to load. So I add the URL without the domain name to preload the font file and the Google Page Insights problem is gone and the website load faster. Quite a nice tip.