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Choosing which web hosting company is going to be the one that you are going to host your website isn’t an easy process. The competition of hosting companies right now it’s big. Each of them promising you unlimited resources, 99.99% uptime, fully responsible team, and customer support all the time, but you must make the right decision before starting the hosting. You have to try to be informed of all the things that are important and it would influence on the future work of your website. Inform yourself well!

In this review I’ll make you a guide of the most important web hosting features, discounts with coupon and promo codes, also  I’ll give you more information to my main review on the best web hosting on Myhostingfacts.

1. Price

This is the most important aspect of the process of choosing the hosting provider, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. At the moment when you compare the prices, you can make the difference through the hosting’s and it will help you to get your idea of what you are paying for. Getting the cheapest one, for example, iPage maybe you will think that, isn’t the right for you and your business, but maybe especially that one it is going to answer your needs. We consider first to look at all features, read well, what the hosting companies have to offer you then make the decision. SiteGround has the best price $3.95/month.

2. Focus Area

Web hosting features SiteGround web hosting

Not every web hosting company is the right for different websites with a different number of customers. There is a difference between web hostings. Some of them are offering great shared plans but they’re not proper for the one who wants to grow their business. Despite this, there are web hosting companies who are offering great enterprise solution, but again they are not ready for the one who wants the small business. It’s a good habit to have the area of expertise, before buying the hosting, then you are avoiding the extra costs and some unnecessary things.

3. Technology Specifications and Limits

First of all, you must decide what your website is going to be. If you are a hosting blog, or an eCommerce site, forum, video, then you should use the shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated or even Enterprise. On my website Myhostingfacts you can find reviews of web hosting companies, but take a look at the SiteGround review, the best web hosting.

On the Myhositngfacts home page is a comparison of the best web hostings in 2019 and SiteGround is best because:

  • Best performance
  • Most stable
  • SSD drives
  • Backup On-Demond
  • Best monthly price $3.95
  • Best customer support ever
  • Data centers in the USA, Europe (UK and Netherlands), Asia (Singapore)
  • You can install free SSL (great for SEO)

In a cheap hosting, there are a few things, that are going to miss, like RAM, disk space, processing power, or maybe losing a time on dealing with loading pages. Make a good research of what kind of features your hosting company is offering you for example domains, support, backups, money back guarantee.

Don’t be afraid of asking questions. If you have a problem or you don’t understand something, call them or write them an email or contact me I’ll try to reply as fast as I can. Explain your misunderstandings, be patient, just be sure that this hosting is going to answer to all your needs.

4. Technical support

SiteGround web hosting Logo


In most of the user’s opinions, this sector is the most important. At the time on your site for some reason is not functioning well, the only way to fix the problem is by contacting the support team. SiteGround has the best customer service hands down. You should try it yourself and see the difference between SiteGround and others or trust me and buy SiteGround.

5. Email features

Feel free to be informed for every issue with your hosting. You might be in the position of having a spam problem and this could happen because your web hosting company didn’t provide it a solution for fixing it. SiteGround has unlimited email accounts. Also if you need professional email service they offer email hosting.

10. Scalability

This is another important thing, you must be sure that your hosting company will fit with your future plans. In a few words, what fits today maybe it’s not going to fit in the future. Maybe your website as a small business in the future will become, the big business opportunity for you with much more traffic than before. If you need scalability buy SiteGround Cloud, VPS or Dedicated hosting.
Even tho SiteGround is the best read the iPage review and HostGator review they have a great price, performance, and features.


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