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Website speed, web hosting, or optimization?

In the world where websites are visited from 80% from mobile and website speed is a Google ranking factor, you should consider AMP or great technical optimization along with great web hosting. We all should know how much speed influence on your website need when we watch things from a customer perspective or Google perspective.

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Starting with myself I hate slow websites I want websites where the loading time should be instant if possible or as closer to 0 sec possible. No matter the optimization of the website if you choose bad web hosting you will have slow loading time. I’ve written a review and comparison of the best web hosting with speed tests to check out who is the best. I can suggest few web hostings that leading right check SiteGround as my no.1 pick, HostGator as no.2, and iPage as cheap with the best price/performance ratio (only for the annual plan).

There are three major plans for every web hosting provider Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting plans. Not everyone can afford a dedicated server or even VPS depend on the web hosting provider.

What is shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting?

Simply in a few words Shared hosting is one computer (server), one operating system(OS) shared by many accounts.

Dedicated hosting its opposite from shared hosting, it’s one rack only for you, how you want to be configured with full access to everything. With dedicated you are the only customer, they are more powerful in specs from VPS and shared, and only one customer that means really fast hosting.

VPS is actually shared hosting but every account has his own OS (virtually) and shares a precise amount of performance (can be upgraded easily) opposite from shared hosting where every account share one server’s performances.

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VPS is in the middle between shared and dedicated, let me explain to you how VPS works. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, it’s actually shared hosting but you have OS, just for your private OS, similar to dedicated but hosted virtually. It’s a little bit confusing but I will try to explain this matter, in the easiest way. Virtualization refers to a virtual machine that acts like a real hardware computer with OS. You probably heard about VMware or Oracle’s VM VirtualBox software for OS virtualization.

Should you use AMP?

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Well like everything else AMP has pros and cons. AMP is fast but it’s limited after this everyone will catch me for eyes because if you aren’t news publisher (Google rich snippets) there is no point using AMP right now. Don’t get me wrong AMP is future but if you can’t do it right it’s nasty. If you remember a few years ago OLED and SAMOLED screens started to manufacturing and use in mobile phones. Still, most of the screens are LED but slowly everyone is going to OLED (LG’s version) and SAMOLED (Samsung’s version)

Website optimization

A crucial part of website speed is optimization. Because over 20% of the websites are with WordPress CMS. I wrote a great article about WordPress optimization, minimize CSS, critical and defer CSS, minimize and defer JavaScript without breaking the website layout, image optimization. Check it out its beginner-friendly with images and a step-by-step guide.



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